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Let's Look At The "INSIDE" Of Your Horse
Would you like to host a clinic at your private barn or training center?

We are available for this service to you and your horses in training.

Please contact us for additional information, "perks" for our host, and how to promote this great diagnostic, at  or call the office direct at
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The Equine Thermal Imaging Institute provides diagnostic evaluations, remedies for problems, saddle diagnostics and a unique Rider Balance evaluation that we have developed. 
ETII will come to your training barn or private farm or ranch to evaluate problems with your horses. We are also available to image exotic animals and have as part of our staff, an individual who is trained in understanding the psyche of wild and domestic animals. In addition, we provide to our many clients, a maintenance program for your horse to be evaluated before and after special events and competitions
Are you ready to make sure your horse is fit for competition? 

This infrared technology can help to provide this for you, as many problems that are not yet visually observable can be seen and therefore treated accordingly.

We offer you a full Whole Horse Evaluation  which is comprised of  29-32 infrared images of your horse, explanations , diagnosis, and suggested treatment.

Once per year, we offer an intense course in becoming an Equine Thermal Imaging Technician.
We also offer a course for veterinarians in the use of infrared technology, including how to evaluate the images, develop reports, compare and include the imaging diagnostics with other means of evaluating injuries or lameness such as radiography, scintography, etc. The course for veterinarians also includes how you can increase your profit margin with the use of thermal imaging, how to keep your clients from being sent to a major facility that provides more technology than is normally available in private practice.

This evaluation is separate from a Whole Horse diagnostic in that it will show pressure points in poor saddle fit, the horses back that corresponds to these uneven pressure issues, and the great influence the rider’s weight can affect the horse’s ability to move correctly. It is a superior training tool to use for riders to be at their best in all disciplines.

Infrared evaluations can examine issues that cannot be seen on radiograph. The majority of injuries in horses are soft tissue in nature. and  therefore. cannot be readily detected with x-rays alone. Thermal imaging is a valuable addition to pre-purchase examinations.

Any individual in the sport of racing horses should make thermal imaging a MUST for their racing horses. Personal experience from one of our owners in the use of this will give testimony to its great value and ability to make more informed decisions about their horses’ readiness to run.

For information on all our services, applications and appointments, please contact 
Dean R. Bader, DVM, MP at (530) 677-0390 dean@deanbaderdvm.com or Shan de Wey, AETIT, MP at (352) 308-9188 shandw39@gmail.com 

**We sell:

FLIR infrared cameras
AVAZZIA therapy machines
ACID and AKALINE water, freshly prepared 

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We all want to do the best for our beloved animal friends and partners in giving them the best care possible. Equine Thermal Imaging Institute offers a wonderful preventative maintenance program to insure we can do this.
Our program consists of the following recommended preventative measures to achieve this goal

1. Promote a healthy immune system
2. Maintain a healthy GI tract
3. Balance diet
4. Balance hormone levels
5. Balance mineral levels
6. Maintain an “ alkaline body”
7. Test for, and eliminate parasites
8. Core vaccines and high risk disease
9. Test for and treat vaccinosis conditions
10. Alternatives to vaccines (“nosodes”)
11. Eliminate allergies

Testing Procedures:

1. HNA
2. Blood Panels
3. Thermography ( thermal imaging)
4. Radiography
5. Intestinal parasite screens
6. Semi-annual medical exams

We will be addressing all the above in our monthly newsletters in more depth. Join us and send us your name, e-mail, what types of animals you are concerned about, and we will send you our latest  information each month. THE NEWSLETTER IS FREE!!
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Attention ! We now offer laser therapy services at Shingle Springs Veterinary clinic. Please call the office at (530) 677-0390 for additional information and appointment scheduling.
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Equine Thermal Imaging Institute

We  offer the following services to our clients:

* Thermal imaging (infrared diagnostics) for your horses, cats, dogs and also to zoo keepers and managers, at your location.
* State of the art digital radiography.
* Laser therapy
* Conventional and homeopathic treatments and remedies.
* Esoteric evaluations and diagnostics.
* Holistic Nutritional Analysis (HNA)
* Infrared Saddle Fit/Rider Position (for competitors)
* Pre-purchase thermal imaging evaluations
* Pre race imaging 
* Special remedies for pain, arythritis, viruses, ulcers and more
Please contact us at shandw39@gmail.com or call (352) 308-9188