Ace was a Golden Retriever that belonged to a good friend of mine. At the age of 17, his discospondylosis  was so severe he could not bear weight on any of his four legs. In other words, he was like a pancake on the floor. 
We kept Ace in the hospital his spine with the skenar device for 6 days. After the 6 days, Ace went home. He walked out of the clinic and proceded to go back to normal behavior. As he was an intact male dog, he would even chase females. Every 2-3 months, Ace would need a ‘tune-up”. At the age of 19,, 2 years after we started treatment, Ace was in such bad shape we euthanized him.
I have used the Avazzia device for many different conditions, including treatment of soft tissue injuries, musculo-skeletal problems, and to stimulate liver and kidney function. I teach my clients how to use the device on their animals and many of them will  buy a unit to treat themselves as well as their animals.
Dean R. Bader, DVM

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Dr. Bader’s  Enhanced water of life is a topical treatment that can be used  very effectively in the treatment of wounds and balancing the PH in the individuals system as well as killing MRSA, yeast, fungus, and viral infections. At Dr. Bader’s Shingle Springs Veterinary Clinic, it is dispensed to patients on a regular basis.

“ I was introduced to this marvelous ionized water about 5 years ago and have been using it ever since”, says Dr. Bader.

The Japanese have been using this water as a surface disinfectant for over 30 years. They use it in hand washing stations and I understand they also use it internally to flush out a contaminated abdomen during surgery. 

E water can be used to clean up an infested wound or as a pre-surgical prep as well as being used to flush out a uterus, as a solution to gargle with, or on any body surface. It is also good to use over a betadine solution or hydrogen peroxide to flush wounds because it is less irritating to the tissues and thereby less likely to impede the healing process.

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Avazzia unite are the first American produced devices from SKENAR, (self controlled energo-adaptive regulation technology). This technology originated in Russia about 30 years ago.

I started using Skenar devices about 10 years ago. Prior to using these devices, I had just completed an acupuncture course at Colorado State University. I found that I could use the Skenar device on acupuncture points in less time and with good results.

Avazzia devices have a bio-feedback function through the production of neuro-transmitters produced in the skin that are carried to the brain and result in some positive action.
The Avazzia bio-feedback device