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Let's Look At The "INSIDE" Of Your Horse
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First, a few bits of information for you on how thermal imaging has progressed as a diagnostic tool in the evaluation of soft tissue injuries in animals.
1)  At a convention in Dubai, the USET agreed to use thermal imaging for competition horses to determine if they were fit physically to perform or go on performing.
2) If you have your horses insured under a mortality, Loss of Use, and accompanying  diagnostic coverage, you can submit your bill to them and they will re-imburse you.
3) Our goal this year is to use thermal imaging in racing horses. This is extremely important to owners and trainers alike as no pre-race diagnostics are mandatory at this time.
4) We need more technicians trained in this field !! Please go to our COURSES section and find out more on this.

As an example of what thermal imaging can discover that other diagnostics may not, is an imaging of a horse we viewed with an un-diagnosed problem.

This mare was brought to one of our clinics. The owner stated that she was tripping alot on her rear legs and didn't seem to have full use of them, taking small steps or unwilling to move forward.
As you can see from the color palette in the right hand side of the image, colors range from  white (acute inflammation) red, (high level of inflammation, down to the blue you see, which is a total lack of circulation in the area.
This was the first tim we had seen an imaging with this glaring lack of circulation below the hock of the hind legs with a high inflammatory process going on above. We decided to image this area again with a different camera and came up with the same picture.
Dr. Dean Bader evaluated these images and concluded the lack of circulation was due to a circulatory imflammation which was blocking the nerves in the lower extremities. An MRI could possibly have detected this as well but at far greater expense than thermal imaging.
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