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Equine infrared diagnostics

IMAGING CLINIC: Whole Horse Evaluations

Phoenix, Az. @ Jada-P-Ranch. 21152 N. 22nd, St.

$100 booking fee required

Contact : Paige Pierce @ (602) 300-8373 or Shan de Wey @ (352) 308-9188
  • ​                                           Fee: $400 per horse

 A special presentation will be held on Friday evening by Justin Marsh, CEO of Arthur Anrew Medical Company to discuss the equine antiflammatory supplement, Neprofin. These supplements are excellent in the relief of many major soft tissue problems and also as a maintenance product for performance horses of all disciplines.

Shan de Wey and Paige Pierce will also offer a Power Point presentation on case studies that involve thermal imaging and it's many diagnostic uses.

Appointments close October 1st,  for this clinic. PLEASE NOTE: Most insurance companies will pay for this diagnostic if your horse is insured for Accident, Sickness, Health as an endorsement to your mortality policy. Check with your insurance carrier !!

Please download the following flyer and explanation of infrared imaging and how this diagnostic can solve "mystery lameness" ( not found with other diagnostics ). If your horse has behavioral problems, this many times stems from pain. This includes, but is not limited to, bucking, rearing, refusal to move forward, lack of proper balance in movement, kicking, ear pinning,  As over 80% of injuries are soft tissue in nature, infrared imaging can locate areas of inflammation not otherwise seen.