Equine Thermal Imaging Institute
Let's Look At The "INSIDE" Of Your Horse
Equine Thermal Imaging Institute © 2007

The Equine Thermal Imaging Institute has compiled  images below, for riders, trainers, and those owners of horses that will give you an opportunity to see the benefits of this diagnostic. A short explanation of the problems are also explained.  Infrared technology can be compared in some ways to an MRI as it gives an  excellent view of soft tissues injuries and can promote further diagnostics such as radiography. Two of the chief differences  between an MRI and thermal imaging  is it is non-invasive to the animals, and the cost is far less.
Many  "mystery " lamenesses have been discovered through infrared imaging, including indicating a potential problem before it is actually seen or the animal beomes injured and the issue can be prevented from becoming more serious.

This is an image of a horse that was previously been diagnosed with a left foot lamness. Radiographs and hoof testing shows nothing conclusive. Imaging showed the problem area was inflammation in the shoulder, (red area) and in the cervical region. The horse was evaluated and treated, becoming sound again.

This horse was having behavorial problems when being saddled and ridden; bucking and refusing to move forward. The area of inflammation here showed an ill fitting saddle as seen by the saddle imprint and extending back over the lumbar region. The imprint showed the saddle used was putting pressure more on the left side of the horse's shoulders as well as the back of the saddle . You can also see a slight drop in the horse's left hip here caused by the horse trying to eliminate the pressure by "dipping " to get away from the pressure.